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Our Adult & Adolescent Psychologist Services in Brighton

Help Your Adolescent with a Psychologist in Brighton

You love your children, and you want to believe that you can help them over and around every obstacle in their path. However, you may not always have the experience that your adolescents or teenagers need to overcome their difficulties. After all, we live in an ever-changing world, and your children may have experiences you never went through yourself.Your children may benefit from seeing an adolescent psychologist in Brighton. An adolescent psychologist has the specific training to help teenagers sort through complex emotional issues. Through counselling or hypnotherapy, a psychologist can often help your children find peace and healing.

Judy Thomas, the principle psychologist at Southside Psychology, works extensively with young adults. She uses a variety of therapies to help your children understand why they feel the way they feel and find a way to cope.

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With our adolescent counselling services, your children may experience the following benefits:

  • They'll discuss their concerns in a safe, respectful and supportive environment.
  • They'll work with a professional who has treated many cases and knows how others overcame similar circumstances.
  • They'll learn how to better cope with problems.
  • They can develop a hopeful attitude about their futures.
  • They can learn to better believe in themselves, which often leads to a boost in self-esteem.
  • They often experience improvements in relationships, academic performance and physical health, though results vary.

Adolescents have to deal with a lot of emotional upheavals even if they don't experience crises in their lives. And when they experience these events, they need an experienced professional to listen to their concerns and help them recover. Give your children the help they deserve by calling an adolescent psychologist in Brighton.
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